Stargazing at High Force Waterfall

Location: County Durham

Various Dates & Times

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Enjoy Pristine Dark Skies at a Stunning Location

High Force is the largest waterfall in the country, and is an awesome spectacle at any time of the day. At night, though, it's a special place you'll remember for the rest of your life.

If you've seen Professor Brian Cox's BBC series, Universe, the waterfall features heavily in the fourth episode (the one about black holes). Check it out, and show people where you're going!

The skies above the waterfall are among the darkest in the Europe, and the surrounding cliffs ensure a true dark sky experience. 

We'll meet at the High Force Hotel, for an indoor briefing and presentation, before walking down to the waterfall together. On the way, you'll learn about the unique landscape and what makes it so special as a dark sky site.

We'll light the waterfalls up, so you'll be able to take selfies and other photographs with your phone.

If the sky is clear, we'll go dark as quickly as possible and start looking at the night sky. This will be done as a group experience by a guide with a laser pointer.

Unlike observatory events, you won't spend your time queueing for a telescope. You'll also be observing outdoors, away from buildings and cumbersome equipment.

When conditions are especially clear, we may use astronomy binoculars - we have enough for everyone!

We'll also tell you how to use stargazing apps, and will let you know which free ones to install, before the event, if that interests you.

You'll also be given a printed star chart for the month of the event, which you can take home, to help you remember what you've seen.

You’ll leave the event with a greater knowledge of the night sky, and how to find key objects and constellations on your own. More than that, though, you'll have spent some time in the dark at a spectacular natural location, which is normally only accessible in daylight.

You'll be pleased to know that events almost always go ahead, so you can plan your trip with confidence.

Book now, for a special stargazing experience like no other.

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Booking Conditions

  • All bookings are final.  However, you may be able to send someone else in your place, if need be.
  • As much as we love dogs (the Hotel is dog-friendly) they aren't permitted to attend the waterfall tour, due to the trip hazards this may present in a very dark area.
  • While we encourage you to use your smartphone throughout, other cameras are not permitted (if you'd like to attend a photography workshop, please message us).
  • At the moment, I'm sorry to say, we're unable to control the weather! Events will go ahead in most conditions, as long we decide it's safe to do so. Please bear in mind that forecasts are frequently wrong. In the case of inclement weather, we'll provide plenty of other activities, and will still visit and illuminate the waterfall whenever possible.
  • We need to start on time, and keep track of all participants, so please arrive at the meeting point a few minutes before the official start time. Please let your tour leader know if you need to leave early.
  • We'll email you joining instructions, including directions to the meeting point, at least 2 days before the event.